The 2017 Western Montana Fair kicked off on Tuesday and is gearing up for a huge weekend!

After being there every day this week, whether it was to ride, volunteer or play bingo, I can assure you that the decision to do free admission was genius. I've been to this fair almost every year of my life and I've never seen it so packed on the weekdays, I'm sure the vendors are thrilled!

Outside of the required annual intake of FFA Tacos, Tater Pigs, Vikings & Indian Tacos, I wanted to bring your attention to a couple of amazing fares that may be new to you. The Clark Fork City Church is serving up their amazing Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches once again this year, and they have an offering known as "The Chuck Norris." I was sitting next to a couple who were enjoying this hearty meal, and I can't tell you how many strangers walked by and asked them where to get one. The Cheesesteak booth is on concessions row, north of the arena, and from what I can tell, The Chuck Norris is a cheesesteak covered in curly fries and is so big, serving it requires two containers.

KC tried the Korean tacos for the first time this year and he gives them 5 stars. Now get this, I nearly fell out of our picnic table when I heard this insanity. There I was, preparing to enjoy a Tater Pig and rock some bingo with my dear friend Kira, and she says "what's in that anyway?" I must have been audibly shocked as several fair goers turned to see what was wrong. Kira is a solid Missoulian, was born and raised here, and we've been friends for several decades, so I couldn't believe my ears when she dropped that dirty secret on me.

A Tater Pig is a baked potato with the middle poked out to make room for a link sausage. It is typically topped with butter, sour cream, cheese, salt & pepper. Another option is the Tater Tails, which is 6 of the poked out potato centers. And that's one to grow on. Check out the gallery above to see what you're in for as far as great carnival rides go, what the crowd looks like and just how smokey it really is at this year's fair.

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