Well Summer is officially OVER! Just 2 weeks ago we had 100 degree temperatures, and in the matter of 48 hours had snow flying in the mountains. Now, we have cooler temperatures in the forecast. Which is really starting to make me reconsider the possibility of overnight camping in the next few days . But, hopefully we can hopefully get out and enjoy Fall, before it is too late. With the leaves changing and the cool crisp air, it is a perfect time to get outdoors and sneak in another camping trip before winter takes hold.

Colder temperatures shouldn't stop you from getting outside and clinging to what little is left of the sun and fun. The trick According to backpacker.com, here are the list of things you may need for colder weather camping.

Essential Cold-Weather Camping Gear Checklist

  • Closed-cell foam sleeping pad
  • Coupler strap (and a buddy)
  • Sleeping bag with an appropriate lower-limit temperature rating
  • Synthetic or wool base layers
  • Socks, gloves, and a technical cold-weather hat
  • Grooved wind-resistant tent stakes
  • Nutrient-dense snacks
  • Reusable straw
  • Tent brush
  • Urination device (FUD) for the ladies
  • Bottle insulator
  • Stainless steel water bottle

The guys from Dude Perfect have hit just about every Camping Stereotype you could possibly think of. Everything from "S'More Wars" to "The Campfire Expert." Stereotypes that we can all agree that we have done, regardless of the season or weather. Check out the hilarious video from Dude Perfect.


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