The Fall Mack Days is going strong on Flathead Lake. The current amount of fish turned in so far tally up to almost 25,000 fish. Each of these fish could land someone cash and prizes. The CSKT are offering up cash and prizes for all anglers who reel in a lake trout out of Flathead Lake. With over $200,000 is cash, as well as tagged fish swimming in the lake, you could win up to $10,000 instantly.


So why so much money to be given away? According to the official Fall Mack Days website, their vision and mission is:

CSKT Natural Resources
Our vision is a future in which we integrate the wisdom inherited from our elders and ancestors—our traditional ways of knowing and understanding—with the best available science in a way that ensures our children and grandchildren will always enjoy abundant native fish and wildlife.

Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation, and Conservation
Our mission is to protect and enhance fish and wildlife populations and habitats and wildland recreation resources for current and future generations.

Fisheries Mission
Our mission is to restore, foster, and maintain wild, self-sustaining fish populations to meet cultural, subsistence, and recreational needs.

Program Goals:
• To maintain population and habitat databases to scientifically manage fisheries and habitat resources on the Reservation.
• To integrate fisheries issues into resource management decisions to prevent degradation or depletion of fish populations or habitats and to develop mitigation plans to offset adverse impacts.
• To administer the Tribal Fisheries Management Plan and fisheries management activities to maximize the effectiveness of funding and personnel through planning, fund-raising, partnerships, communications, and staff-development.

Hear the latest update on the Fall Mack Days. Audio courtesy of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

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