One of Missoula's more "unique" businesses has just followed suit with so many others and closed their doors for good.

Confession time. I took a first date to Fantasy For Adults downtown once. No, seriously. She was very shy, and we'll say a bit "uneducated". As a degenerate rock radio jock, I felt it was my duty to show her a bit of the underworld. Dude, you should have seen her eyes. I didn't know if she was going to laugh, cry, or pass out. We left with a good laugh and one heck of a memory. Alas, there shall be no more laughs or lube brought by this location as they have closed their doors.

Nestled right next to one of Missoula's popular "hidden gems", the Union Club, Fantasy For Adults was somewhere eventually almost everyone ended up, especially after a couple of pints next door. Whether you were a serious adventurer or just a tourist, the light was always on, but to quote Bobby D, times they are a-changing...

Driving by their (former) location at 210 East Main Street you will see the windows are covered, the signs are taken down, and the door is locked. A quick Google search doesn't even bring up this location anymore, and their website has removed it as well. 

copyright: RSR
copyright: RSR

Not all is lost, however. You might remember they have another location located off of Brooks. I called the store clerk to get confirmation about their East Main location, and he indeed did confirm their permanent closing but assures you they have everything you need at the other storefront.

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