You know that person at work that is holding the whole operation together? Every building has one. Not the boss, but the person who is making the boss look good. Making sure everybody gets their paychecks on time and putting the smack down on any shenanigans? We have one of those here at Townsquare Media Missoula and we love her to death. She is the great and powerful Nonda Beardsley. She has an infectious laugh and a brilliant mind, and we will miss her dearly, as Friday, Aug. 9 is her last day with the company.

"The Interns" made Nonda this awesome countdown to retirement chain with inspirational quotes on each link.
"The Interns" made Nonda this awesome countdown to retirement chain with inspirational quotes on each link.

Nonda has very much earned her retirement cheesecake. She's put up with hundreds of hires, fires and ownership changes. Most of all, we will miss her dead-pan honesty. We could always count on her to say it like it is. The woman is a saint! Here's what our crew had to say about Miss Nonda.

Nonda has been my bright spot in the nine years I have been here. She always has my back and boosts my confidence daily. I can always count on her to "tell it like it is" and not to sugar coat the bad news when it happens. She has taught me a lot about business and life in itself. I will miss her SO much! ~Front Desk Debbie


My favorite sports talk buddy. Who will I waste hours of company time talking Griz and Lady Griz basketball with now? ~Denny Bedard


Nonda is the kind of woman I hope to be when I grow up. She’s hard working, smart, knows her stuff and takes little crap from anyone… Meanwhile, she’s hilarious, sweet and the kind of person you can’t wait to talk to and laugh with every day. We will greatly miss her stories, commentary on life and work, and her unexpected one-liners around the office. ~Jordan The Blog Enforcer


I think you're great. I've known you 19 business days. T9 changes your name to Honda. You are sassy and effective--this is a winning combination. I hope you rock retirement and have a great time Zumba-ing your way through life! ~Erin Girl


Dynamite comes in small packages… She is a wealth of knowledge, feisty, fit, and fantastic. Her stories and experience are priceless, and although sometimes it was tough, she only sees black and white… and in a business manager that’s a great thing. She will be missed! ~Shawna Batt


A patient lady, with a great green thumb and a sharp pencil. ~Al of the Craig & Al Morning Show


I have never known anyone with a thumb as green as hers, or a child-like laugh so authentic it made you feel good each time you heard it. ~Scotty, Operations Manager


Notable (Nonda, is the best business manager I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She performed her job with the utmost accuracy, and always went above and beyond to help me, my co-workers and the company. She deserves an award!)

Outspoken (This woman will tell ya like it is. End of story.)

Nutty (Seriously. No, seriously. She is the silliest, most hilarious, quirky woman at the station... The biggest reason why I adore her.)

Distracting (That laugh... Oh that "only-Nonda" cackle can be heard from across the street. My office is close to hers, and I've actually had clients crack up right in the middle of a conversation because they can hear her laugh over the phone – and sometimes my door was even shut!)

Ablaze (With life that is… Her life isn’t made up of work first live later, like so many of us. She is an animal lover, a plant fanatic, she travels, she dances, she’s into sports, she’s charitable… She lives, and I admire her so much for that.)

I will miss her.  ~Katie Rusk



Nonda, we will miss you and we wish you the best of luck! Enjoy your forever vacation. Thank you for putting up with us! We love you so very much!

One bright spot in our beloved business manager's departure is the addition of our "new Nonda," Rosie Ramer. Welcome Rosie, we're excited to have you on board.

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