On Wednesday (1/31) evening, fire broke out at the Missoula Indoor Sports Arena at 2811 Latimer street.

Fortunately, everybody made a safe exit and there were no injuries. According to MISA owner, Kevin Flynn, last night around 6:30 p.m. an electrical fire broke out near the bouncy house. He says the bouncy itself is made to resist fire for safety reasons, however it was ruined by melting and smoke damage.

The Missoula fire department did respond and the fire was extinguished quickly. Kevin has expressed his gratitude for your concern but says the damage was quite minimal. In fact, our weekly Dodgeball match is still on for 9 p.m. tonight and all are welcome to participate or to watch. The following is a statement from MISA.

Last night we experienced a small fire at MISA. We first want to thank our staff, and especially the parents present, who acted quickly to make sure that everyone was evacuated safely and that the fire was kept to a very small area. The entire episode lasted a matter of minutes and it was one more reminder of what a wonderful community we are a part of.


We want to assure our guests that we have always maintained regular inspections to make sure of our compliance with all applicable codes, and the fire department once again confirmed last night that we have remained so. At this early stage, the cause appears to be some foam material left out of sight against some fencing that ignited. One bouncy house in close proximity to the fire has a melted portion and is being removed today. We already have a replacement on hand.


Professionals today are cleaning the space and restoring the air quality, and as we prepare to re-open we will make a thorough check to be certain our space is safe. Nothing, nothing is more important to us than the safety of our guests. We currently plan on being re-open for league play this evening, and are optimistic that the entire facility will once again be available tomorrow. All weekend activities are still currently on, as scheduled. If any of that changes today we will notify all groups affected.


We look forward to welcoming you back to the best place in Missoula for indoor fun soon.

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