If you thought your job was bad, you just might be right. The lack of a real come back in the economy has hit some industries harder than others. What little industry the economy hasn’t brought to its knees, technology has managed to cripple. If you are looking for a career change, or are wondering if you should start looking to make a change, you may want to consider staying away from these industries.

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    Liquor stores

    Liquor stores are in competition with grocery stores and the internet, which is causing a decline in their sales. There is also speculation that as the economy picks up, people will do more drinking at bars and less at home.

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    Rising taxes, which cause higher tobacco prices usually cause a decline in sales.

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    If you’re reading this, then you can probably guess why the newspaper industry is dying. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Why buy your news when you can get it online for free?

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    Manufacturing of hardware

    Due to the plummeting real estate market, construction came to a halt. The U.S. stopped making tools, so now most of the tools made are not manufactured in the U.S.

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    Recordable media

    Remember going to the movie store to rent a DVD? Or racing to the music store to buy the latest CD? If you remember doing these things, but haven’t done them recently, then there is your answer. People are downloading their music and movies online more and more.