Montana is full of places and landmarks that tell its long storied history. Throughout Montana, you'll find a lot of small towns with local watering holes that are not only cherished landmarks in the state but have also received quite a bit of national attention.

The Pony Bar in Pony, Montana is one place that offers visitors and guests a true Montana experience. According to a 2014 article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, the Pony Bar has been named one of America's best bars by Playboy and Men's Journal. The Pony Bar was also named the Best Small Town Bar in Montana by Thrillist in 2018.

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Pony became a popular destination for gold miners in the mid-1800s hoping to strike it rich, and at one time, the small Montana town was home to roughly 5,00 residents. Pony may not be the bustling boomtown that it once was, but it's still a popular destination for travellers from all over the world.

Many of the original buildings in Pony have been torn down or destroyed by fire throughout the years, but the Pony Bar has been a constant in the small town. The Pony Bar is a popular place for locals to grab a drink and a bite to eat after work.

If you've never been to the Pony Bar, you should definitely plan a trip in the near future. It's truly one of a kind and is a place where you can experience authentic Montana hospitality.

Pony is only an hour's drive from Bozeman. Just head west on I-90 and take exit 274 onto US 287 S. Head south for 25 miles and you'll reach The Pony Bar.

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