After months without televised sports, lots of people are aching to get outside and participate in some kind of sport. It is just a matter of whether you can participate in the sport while socially distancing yourself. You may have noticed that golf has been a rather popular sport so far this Spring. But, have you thought about maybe trying archery? It is a lot like golf, in a way. You split up into small (manageable) groups and make your way from target to target. Just like golfers make their way from hole to hole.

The Five Valleys Archery Club is hosting a 3D archery shoot this Sunday (5/17), at their property in the Miller Creek area. It is going to be, what they call a "Redding Style" 3D shoot. Which means their will be thirty 3D animal targets scattered across a course. Each shooter will be allowed to take 2 shots at each target. Totaling 60 shots. Be on the look out for giant bear, moose, sheep, elk, turkeys, and even dinosaurs.


According to the event page on Facebook

This shoot will be marked yardage, binos welcome. Scoring will be 10-8-5-0. All shooters welcome young and old. $15 per person unless you already have your FVAC membership, SHOW CARD and get $3 off.


Registration starts at 7am

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