Free Beer and the guys watched a video this morning of a man floating in a river who was mistaken for a drowning victim by local residents. Instead it was just some guy who fell asleep while trying to cool off in the summer heat.

“This is one of my favorite news stories we’ve done in a long time,” said Free Beer. The guys joked that the sleeping swimmer, Joseph DeAngelo, belonged in a Coen Brothers movie. Zane compared the whole incident to something out of O Brother, Where Art Thou.

People at the scene reported seeing a man floating face-up in a life jacket in an area that had seen drownings before. Since the man was wearing a life jacket, Hot Wings couldn’t believe why anyone wouldn’t just “wade in and nudge him” to see if he was still alive.

DeAngelo apologized to everyone for all of the drama, stating that he was just living life the best way he knows how.

Here’s video from a WNEP local news report:

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