One thing that makes Montana so special, is that we always take care of each other. You can't find that in a lot of other places. Montanans have a reputation of being strong and resilient. And, we think that has a lot to do with how we come together as a community.

Well, our neighbors in the Bitterroot are looking for your help, in regards to medical treatment of a Army veteran. His name is Donald Rivard Jr, and he is getting ready to undergo a kidney transplant. It is obvious that a kidney transplant is NOT a cheap procedure. That is why a raffle is being held to help with some of Don's medical costs.

The raffle includes some great items:

1/2 Hog (Cut and Wrapped) from Hamilton packing Co.

A Custom Log Bench by Montana Branded

a much more...

Tickets are $20, and the drawing is set to be held October 17th via the Montana Branded Facebook page.

Call Cynthia to purchase your raffle ticket



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