Montanans are doing a great job taking advantage of what immunizations have been made available. As the immunization slowly trickle in to the state, Montana is slowly getting closer to herd immunity. As of today, nearly 60,000 Montanans have gotten their COVID 19 vaccine. With positive cases slowly dropping and immunizations rising, Governor Greg Gianforte dropped the mask mandate on a state level. And, left the choice of mandating masks up to each individual county. Some counties immediately ripped their masks off and threw them in the trash. While other counties are choosing to stay the course.

Ravalli County's Health Department still strongly believes that mask should be worn in places of large gatherings such as schools. But, the Florence-Carlton School Board feels differently, and with a vote of 5-0 to go with Governor Gianforte directive.

According to Ravalli Republic

At the Florence School Board meeting Wednesday, Bauer said community members spoke out and the board listened with open minds.

“We had directives from the governor, directives from CDC, directives from Ravalli County Public Health,” she said. “We don’t make laws. We have to deal with what information we’re given. We made a decision based on those pieces of information that at this time seem pertinent, but we can always adjust. We are aware that we might have to draw back a little bit.”

Much like Governor Gianforte said when he dropped the mandate. He believes it should be a personal choice if someone wants to wear a mask. So students can choose if they want to wear a mask. But, there is concern that "mask bullying" may be an issue.

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