This morning Free Beer and Hot Wings talked with Whitney Hunter, an eyewitness to the Boston Marathon bombing.  Hunter ran in the marathon and was a mere 200 yards from the finish line when the explosions went off.  He shared his story with the guys on the show this morning.

Listen to the complete interview with Boston Marathon bombing eyewitness, Whitney Hunter below.

It was those thing that you don't quite... it doesn't really process to begin with.  I was about 200 yards from the finish, just coming in from the race and the first explosion that happened.  And it made me stop because it seemed unusual, but you know you kind of rationalize these sorts of things.  And I thought maybe they were shooting off a cannon or something.  And so I started running again, and the second explosion happened and I could see some things flying out of the side of the road and so I stopped.  I knew for sure that that wasn't right.  It's just a moment of 'what should I do now?' - Whitney Hunter