No matter where you live, there are always bad drivers.

Some people might think that where they live have the worst drivers around.

Well, a surveillance camera in Calgary, Alberta, might have caught the worst or even the dumbest driver on camera.

Someone in an SUV in what appears to be an apartment complex looks like they could have an easy job of backing out of their spot and driving off to wherever they need to go. However, that is definitely not the case.

This person is parked between two people, which seems to be what makes it so hard for them to get out of the parking lot.

Instead of just backing out of the spot and turning the wheel, they do a full 360-degree turn between the vehicles.

It looks like the scene from the 1997 movie "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," when Powers was trapped in a hallway on a luggage cart.

What might make things easier is one of the cars leaves the parking lot, but this driver is SOOOOO bad that things do not get easier.

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