Talk about adding insult to injury.

The other day, this 25-year-old guy was riding his bike through the streets of west Oakland, Calif. While bicycling, he was struck by a truck driven by an 81-year-old man.

He was thrown about 50 feet and was pretty seriously injured. The driver of the truck was also pretty shaken up, KGO-TV ABC 7 reported.

But not to worry because some nice pedestrians were on the scene immediately to help both of them out. Wait, no that's not true.

There were people on the scene, but they definitely did not help. Instead, they rooted through the old man's truck and stole his wallet. They also went through the pockets of the dude who was hit while he was lying on the ground seriously injured.

The cyclist suffered a brain injury, broken bones and organ damage, and remains hospitalized, KGO-TV ABC 7 reported.

Talk about a crappy neighborhood!

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