Happy Friday The 13th! Shout out to the legendary Jason Voorhees. The "Friday The 13th" movies have always been my favorite horror flicks. Probably because they are so ridiculous and more comical than scary. On this Friday the 13th 2019, I give you 13 of the greatest Jason kills.

What motivates the big guy to kill? It is simple. For those of you that don't know the story of Jason Voorhees, I will sum it up quick. As a little boy, Jason  drowned while at Summer Camp at Crystal Lake. None of the Camp's staff came to help him, because they were too busy "bumpin uglies" in the bushes. So Jason somehow came back to life as a 7 foot tall maniac to avenge his death and kill anyone who commits "immoral" actions (i.e. sexy time).

So watch your back next time you are participating in a little "Boom Boom."

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