The Seize the Deal Missoula Online Auction features some pretty amazing local deals, which isn't a big surprise since it is Seize the Deal we're talking about. However, for our first auction we're kicking it up a notch and providing a great deal on an actual car! Behold, a Honda Civic courtesy of University Motors.

It's the perfect used ride, in nearly perfect shape, at a perfect price! The bidding for this car starts at $2,800and it's valued at $6,995. It falls right in line of the needs for any college student, local commuter, or someone who knows a good deal when they see it.

It's a used 1998 Honda Civic EX two-soor coupe with 100,000 miles, and if you know Honda, you know these engines last up to 300,000 with a little TLC.

Want a closer look? Take this virtual tour live with 107.5 Zoo FM's Aaron Traylor from the sales lot of University Motors!

Take it for a test drive this week, kick the tires and save big this weekend with our online auction at Seize the Deal.

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