It is almost here. The day that Donald Trump takes his oath of office. Inauguration is tomorrow, and many Americans have finally come to terms with the fact that there is nothing they can do to stop it. They can only drown their sorrows in the bottom of a bottle. So, why not make it fun?

WARNING: THIS COULD GET UGLY. Make sure to eat a big breakfast first.

According to Rolling Stone

Drink every time:

1. Trump deploys the "pinchy fingers" rhetorical maneuver, holding his hands out to his sides and waving them back and forth with Spaghetti-Oed mini-fingers. (@jasonweiler)
Make it a double if he uses his trademark "high-fives (or high-tens) the invisible ghost in front of him" move. (@PentaTronic)

2. Trump berates or insults a media outlet, or gloats about one that is dying or dead. (@brittanygrogan)

3. Mike Pence holds a fake smile for 30 consecutive seconds. We have someone monitoring this, so I'll be tweeting it out if we have confirmed instances. (@keithchaput)

4. Trump name-checks a celebrity, or references The Apprentice. (@dwfriedheim)

5. Trump praises someone who until recently was a political enemy. Jager shot for Paul Ryan. (@LotusBroxton)

ALSO, If you REALLY want to step it up:

Take A Shot Every Time:

1. You see a “Make America Great Again” hat
2. You see Trump’s face on a T-shirt
3. Someone mentions Golden Showers, the “Access Hollywood” tapes, Trump’s tax returns or any lawsuit against Trump.

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