Spring is finally here (or at least that's what the calendar says) and that means it's golfing season in Montana. And trust me, there are some folks you don't want to be paired with.

First, let me say I'm a terrible golfer. I get really self-conscious about being paired with someone I don't know. Are they going to be cool with me swearing like a sailor when I slice my ball into the local dairy queen? in my experience, it depends on who you get paired with. Here is a list of some possible people you might get paired with at a Montana golf course.

  • Montana Newbies: Believe me when I say every state has a slightly different approach to a casual trip to the links. In my experience, out-of-staters are usually pretty chill. They are trying to feel out the courses and local experience. They might silently judge your swing, but won't narc you out to the course ranger for slamming Pabst tall boys.
  • Casual Locals: This is almost always a good pair. Usually, it's someone that doesn't take things too seriously. They could be a scratch golfer, or even as bad as me. Either way, they've played with all sorts of people, and they are on the course to have a good time. Just match their attitude and rate of play, and you should be good.
  • The Blue Hairs: Now, in no way am I knocking the older golf crowd, but you'll need to watch yourself. You'll need to watch your language, be ok with a slower rate of play, and probably have to help look for some lost balls. Follow this advice as they probably know your parents somehow.
  • Local Pros: Now, if you're good decent to good this can be great. They'll show you tips and tricks, and they can really up your game. If you're terrible like me, this could be a very uncomfortable day on the course. Politely let them know you aren't very good and you can pair up w someone else, or at least they'll know to show you some patience.
  • College-Aged Players: This could be your best crew to pair with. They might be great golfers or first-timers. Either way, they are playing for fun. It's casual and usually a really fun day on the links.

No matter who you get, just remember the old saying: "Treat people how you would like to be treated".  Do that, and I think you'll have a great day of golf with whoever you get paired with.

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