The 'Make America Rock Again' tour hits Missoula this Monday, October 2nd at the Wilma, and the bands want to give you a tour of where they are getting ready for the show.

Trapt will give you and a friend a peek of what happens behind the tinted windows of their tour bus. See where the bands lives while on the road and lead singer Chris Taylor Brown will even perform and acoustic song just for YOU. And, of course, this comes with a pair of tickets for the show.

The Sick Puppies are also getting in on the behind the scenes action by giving you and a friend a tour of the 'green room'/dressing room backstage at the Wilma. Plus, they'll reserve 2 side stage seats for you to watch their set! Once again, this comes with a pair of tickets for the show.

What does one have to do to win these memorable experiences? Instagram sexy photos? Adopt a homeless puppy? Get 25 of your friends to follow us on Facebook? Nope, all you gotta do is throw your name into the hat by filling out the short forms below. We'll draw and announce winners for each on Friday at 1:50ish p.m. And yes, you may enter for both.

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