A few weeks ago news started circling that Missoula would be losing another one of its long-time, local restaurants. Obviously, this is bummer news, but there is a bright side.

Missoulian's, I don't know how much more we can take here. It seems almost weekly we are losing a business that has helped shape our cool mountain town. We've seen so many long-time restaurants close their doors after Covid. Skyrocketing prices of food and supplies have made it nearly impossible for the "little guy" to turn a profit. Earlier this week it was announced that the Burns Street Bistro was closing its doors. 

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Then, almost as abrudtly the Hoagiville on North Reserve has closed for good. A sign on the door thanked customers for their business and explained that they would be closing for good on September 10th.

My first thought was "Oh great. What chain restaurant/brewery/dispensary is going to take space? "

The news of Hoagieville closing was certainly sad news, but at least this time, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Another great fast-food restaurant will be moving in. Frugals has quickly become a Missoula favorite. You will see a line around the small building at their Brooks location almost daily. They have been so busy, that they have decided to expand into the now-closed Hoagiville location.

Our news team spoke with the Frugals regional manager, Kris Baker, who has confirmed their expansion. They will be remodeling the building to fit their needs, and as of right now, they do not have a timeline for their grand opening.

Even though we are losing a Missoula staple when it comes to fast food, at least another "semi-local" business will be moving in and burger fans from all over will have another convenient location. We will keep you updated on their opening timeline.


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