Who doesn’t know the tag line “Got Milk?” Many celebrities and famous athletes have donned milk mustaches, touting the importance of milk for a healthy body and strong bones. But, the milk industry is in trouble. It seems that people are drinking less and less milk every year.

People are drinking more Vitamin Waters and energy drinks, and less milk. People are swapping out their milk for lower calorie alternatives. It seems that other “milk” products derived from plants, like soy and almonds are also cutting into good old cow milk’s market share.

I know my family is doing its share to keep the milk industry afloat. My family goes through about four gallons of milk a week, between multiple bowls of cereal, glasses of chocolate milk and my cooking. I don’t think my boys could survive without it. I never grumble at buying one more jug of milk, because I know that it’s helping my kids grow up strong and healthy.

I have to say that I’ve tried the plant milk products before, and they don’t compare to the real deal. I can’t image swapping out something as nutritious as milk for something as horrible for you as an energy drink. Not to mention, the fact that the taste of energy drinks makes me nauseous. Never once have I considered pouring Vitamin Water or an energy drink on my cornflakes in the morning. If you ask me, there is no substitute for good old milk. After all, it does a body good.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.

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