Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, a staunch pro-life advocate, was all smiles on Monday as he met with Republican lawmakers outside the State Capitol building in Helena to sign a suite of pro-life bills.

“Today we're taking action to protect the most vulnerable amongst us, the unborn,” said Gianforte. “We are celebrating life, and I'd like to thank the countless individuals who have made today possible. I'd like to take a minute to take thank a few of them by name, in particular representative Lola Sheldon Galloway, Representative Amy Regier, and Representative Sharon Greef.”

Gianforte recognized all the legislators over the past 16 years who had their pro-life bills vetoed by Democratic former Governor Steve Bullock.

“You've worked tirelessly to get these bills across the finish line,” he said. “But there were many who served in this building before us who championed the unborn. These were people who worked hard to advance the cause of life. Unfortunately, their efforts were vetoed, but not today.”

Gianforte detailed the bills that he signed on Monday afternoon.

“House Bill 136,” he said. “This adopts the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The second bill, HB 140 requires that a pregnant woman be afforded the opportunity to view an active ultrasound and listen to a baby's heartbeat before undergoing an abortion. Finally, HB 171 requires in person visits for prescribing chemical abortion drugs.”

Gianforte than thanked the hundreds of supporters that viewed the ceremony on Facebook Live, who have worked over the years to advance pro-life legislation.

“I'd like to thank all Montanans who stood up to defend life,” he said. “Everyone who traveled here today, you made your voices heard and raised awareness and provided resources and support to pregnant women. Your work has undoubtedly saved lives.”

See the entire ceremony here.


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