In the golden days of punk rock, musicians welcomed acts of anarchy, dissent and rudeness. These days, not so much. While attending the New York Yankees vs. Oakland Athletics American League Wildcard game on Wednesday (Oct. 3) at Yankee Stadium, John Spencer, the drummer for the New York punk band Stringer, get splashed with a full cup of beer for supporting the away team. The incident incensed Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, a longtime friend of Spencer's, who logged onto Instagram to voice his opposition to the inexcusable behavior.

"I’ve known this kid since he was in middle school," Armstrong wrote. "His name is John and he was hit with a cup of beer by a moron at the A’s/Yankee game last night. He was there to root for his beloved Oakland Athletics. He’s also one of the most kick ass drummers I’ve ever heard and he’s been a great influence to my sons as musicians. Let’s make him feel awesome and show him some love."

Spencer admitted he was sitting with the infamous Bleacher Creatures at the time of the attack, but insisted he didn't do anything to deserve the beer shower. "I was being totally respectful," he told ForTheWin. "I knew I was in enemy territory, I was also sitting in the bleachers, which probably wasn’t the best idea. I made friends with Yankees friends around me and (talking trash) here and there. And that took it to the next level.”

Then the video went viral. Once Spencer was identified, the Oakland A's sent him a bunch of swag, as did Green Day. Even Yankees fans have to admit that was pretty class act move, but that's not the only good that came out of the dousing. Whether it was from seeing the video or sobering up the morning after post-drunken celebration, the perpetrators contacted Spencer to apologize for the bestial behavior and the drummer accepted.

"The two guys that threw the beer at me, Chris and Alex, reached out earlier today on social media," Spencer wrote. "They apologized for throwing the beer and offered to meet up tonight and buy me a drink. I said yes. I harbor no ill will and was glad they contacted me. We met up in Bushwick and laughed about it and had a good time drinking and trading stories about baseball and life.”

In the end, not only did Spencer make some new friends, he got some pretty cool shit in the mail from Green day and the A's. When the Boston Red Sox come to Yankees Stadium for their playoff series, we wouldn't be surprised to see fans wearing shirts that read "Throw beer here!"

Spencer, with his band Stringer, will be hitting the road later this month, in support of their album My BadTheir dates can be seen below.

Earshot Media
Earshot Media

Stringer Tour Dates

Oct. 26 - New York, N.Y. @ Berlin - Under A
Nov. 15 - Odenton, Md. @ Metropolitan Kitchen Annapolis
Nov. 16 - Richmond, Va. @ Wonderland RVA
Nov. 17 - Bristol, Va. @ Studio Brew
Nov. 19 - Newport, Ky. @ The Southgate House Revival
Nov. 20 - Washington, D.C. @ Slash Run
Nov. 21 - Philadelphia, Pa. @ The Tusk

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