Two of the legendary punk bands on my list of "must see bands," will be making a stop here in Missoula on October 3. Orange County punk rockers, Guttermouth and Agent Orange are set to play the Top Hat, with Pinata Protest.

Guttermouth has been on the punk rock scene since 1988, with such great songs as "1,2,3...Slam" and "Scholarship in Punk."

Another Orange County crew, Agent Orange, has also been on the punk rock scene since punk rock was born. With tracks that defined the genre of punk, like "Everything Turns Grey," their cover of "Secret Agent Man" and "Bloodstains."

The third addition to the punk rock onslaught, is Pinata Protest. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Pinata Protest goes outside the box with their own "tex-mex" spin on the punk genre.

According to

[Pinata Protest] bristles with a sound that has been dubbed "amphetamine norteño," "ranchero punk" and "puro pedo [no bullshit] punk rock" while also targeting the adversities and emptiness of modern life with dead-eyed aim. As the San Antonio Current observes, "Piñata Protest's Álvaro Del Norte is doing for the accordion what the Dropkick Murphys do for the bagpipes, playing what's often considered an embarrassing grandpa-music relic with youthful angst and energy, expanding the punk-rock template beyond London and NYC."


Guttermouth, Agent Orange and Pinata Protest

Thursday October 3

Top Hat Lounge


Tickets $16 Advance, $18 at the door

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