Sometimes we all like to just spend the day at home in our pillow fort, right? No big deal... until it gets lonely. That's when you start thinking, who should we call? And who better than the cops right?

How about not!

A 28 year-old mamas boy by the name of Jason Slater did just that recently from the home he shares with his 'er roommate (aka mom) in New Jersey. To make it even better, he pretended to be the President of the United States and told the cops that he wanted to speak to Tim Tebow.

There was no word on whether Tebow was hanging out around the cop-shop. However, Slater did get a visit from the cops. When the police arrived at his mom's house they found Slater camped out in her closet hiding amongst pillows.

Slater was charged with making false public alarms and hindering his apprehension. Then, to top off his day of awesomeness, Slater threw his summons complaint on the ground outside of the police department for which he was charged for littering.

I bet he has a sweet car bed in his room...

(Warning: Explicit language in this video)