The Hamilton School Board is waiting for a couple of weeks before deciding on the details of this year's 2020 Hamilton High School graduation ceremonies. At their May 12 meeting, the board firmed up the date, time and place - May 31 at 3:30 p.m. at Hamilton High School.

But after discussion involving the COVID-19 threat, the board decided to wait until the week before the date to determine how the graduation will be conducted. A live streaming is part of the plan, but attendance at the actual ceremony will be determined by the Montana phased-in re-opening, which may change in the coming weeks. Superintendent Tom Korst said that he's considering many options and is watching what other schools are doing. He emphasized that safety of the graduates and their families is uppermost in his plans. Details yet to be determined include size of the audience, how many family members of each graduate would be allowed to attend and whether the ceremony will be inside at the gymnasium or outside at the HHS athletic complex. Board members noted that the public has been offering ideas and suggestions. Board Chairman Patrick Hanley said, "I know that everybody has a great idea and, trust me, we understand that, too, but we're trying to do the best that we possibly can."

high school west entrance
Hamilton High School. (KLYQ File Photo, Townsquare Media)

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