Holy crap! Our resident stoner called in sick today, you HAVE to hear this voice mail. Our hot computer chick moved away so we just hired this new kid a couple of weeks ago. He's awesome at fixing our computers but he's high as s**t! It's hilarious. Anyway, my boss comes in laughing her ass off telling me he called in sick. Big surprise on 4/20 right? But you have got to hear the message he left, check this out...

Hahahaha! Gotdamn that cracked me up!

And now, a 4/20 song for you, in case you missed it on the Blaze Morning Show. It's only 60 seconds, go on, listen.

I don't know if you know this but it's a scientific fact that Budweiser is the best cure for cotton mouth. We better see your face at our 4/20 party tonight, don't get all lit up and forget to come. Plus you could win this killer, customized BC Rich Warlock!

Alright you guys, have a rad 4/20, we'll see ya' tonight!