Montana has its fair share of spooky places. With our state experiencing such a violent history, it is safe to assume that there are many paranormal hot spots all over Big Sky country. Making Montana a paranormal hot spot.

Some people take strolls through graveyards while others just turn off the lights and watch scary movies. But, scary movies are not always scary, and they always seem to have terrible reviews. Even some of the best scary movies of all time have 3-star ratings. Why is that? It is probably because people think that what they are going to watch is something that really is happening. Something that is not only based on a true story but actually happened...Then there is the scene where the "monster" finally reveals itself, and we are all let down. "Look, you can see the lines from the rig controlling the monster," you say. Or, "The CGI in this movie is terrible, you can tell that is not real blood."

The REAL thrill-seekers are the ones who actually get out there and try to prove the existence of the paranormal. Investigators all over the state of Montana, have no fear when it comes to searching a spooky location in hopes of capturing evidence. Since the popularity of paranormal shows like "Ghost Adventures" and "Ghost Hunters," the number of people searching for evidence has been growing. Here in Montana, we are home to multiple paranormal investigation teams. This is why it is about time the teams gather for a meeting of the minds.

According to the Paranormal Conference website

At the BigSky Paranormal Conference, we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest insights and knowledge on the paranormal world. Our conference features a lineup of renowned paranormal speakers, covering topics from ghosts and hauntings to extraterrestrial encounters. Join us for a thrilling and enlightening experience that will leave you with a deep appreciation for the mysterious.


It is all happening the last weekend of September (September 28th and 29th) at the Historic Clark Chateau Museum in Butte.

Limited space is available to claim your spot now. Tickets range from $30 per day or $50 for both days.

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