It's summer time - you travel during the weekends and end up driving to work with bugs on your windshield all week. You need a car wash.

The junior league Hellgate Hellions are the Hellgate Roller Derby junior team of players who are 12 to 17-years-old. And they are FEARLESS on the track. It's really fun to watch them compete, the Hellions are truly impressive.

Let's help them keep the team going by stopping by to get our vehicles cleaned at their upcoming car wash on Saturday, July 29th. The league will be washing cars at the very convenient location of 5th & Russell at the Bliss Beauty Bar nail salon. It's right on Russell with an in and out parking lot, so it will be easy to swing by. The team will begin washing cars at 9 a.m. and when yours is all clean, remember to grab an Alt 101.5 sticker from the Hellions to slap on your clean whip!

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