It is tax refund season. That means lots of people have some expendable money that they are looking to blow on some toys. It is also nearing the end of winter sports season. So, it may be a good time to consider selling your snowmobile.

I have been considering purchasing either a sled for next winter, or a dual sport motorcycle for this summer. I have been scouring the internet looking for deals, and have noticed that some posts stick out better than others.

I stumbled across a post, from a guy in Canada, trying to sell his Ski-Doo snowmobile. His description of the sled is enough to sell it to someone living in the desert. If you are looking to sell you snowmobile, ATV or even a used car, take some plays out of this guys playbook. WARNING: Content is PG-13
  • What we have here is a great specimen of the workhorse snowmobile design.
  • With two tracks this machine pulls harder than a chronic masterbator on steroids having a siezure.
  • Like the majestic unicorn and that chronic pork sword polisher this beast also has one protrusion out in front and knows how to handle it.
  • Similar to a triple bladed Venus Gillette razor this thing can cut trails through bush like no other.
  • Trying to find a Alpine 2 in better shape than this one here would be more time consuming than trying to eat a clock.
  • Like a Texans favorite kind of chair this thing is also electric start, and like an overweight Texan during a heat wave they are both fan cooled.
  • With high and low range and also a reverse gear you can go where you want, unlike my uncle serving parole.
  • This winter workhorse of wonder, willfully wisks whatever wagon you wish to be wed to her with its pintle hitch.
  • Unlike the gym facilities of my old high school this actually has two tracks in good condition.
  • As you can see in the pictures the windshield is clearer than a colon after a Windex enema.
  • With electric grip heaters that keep your digits warmer than wool underwear this machine has it all.
  • No trades, unless maybe you got magic beans. But even still, I will need your word that you will help slay the giant when the time arrives.
  • If you see this ad it's still available like my hunchback neighbor with the unibrow and the club feet. With one big difference being the sled is actually desirable.
  • PS. - If you also desire there is a 48 inch wide tow trail groomer with bull horn hitch and electrically operated height control for an extra, limited time, one equal payment of 499 dollars and 100 cents.

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