I spent most of this past week considering making holiday treats. You know, harnessing my inner "Martha Stewart." I scoured the internet for something that best fit my personality. Nothing with a lot of sprinkles or frosting, but something manly and yummy. Something that screamed "MONTANA!" I stumbled upon a culinary masterpiece known as "Beer Candied Bacon."

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You see, Montana is no stranger to beer. In fact, Montana has over 100 breweries in the state, all using fresh Montana barley and homegrown hops. That is probably why Montanans really love their beer.


According to realty website taunyafagan.com

In 2020, barley production in Montana was second to Idaho in the US. In late 2018, Montana craft breweries produced approximately 18,500 barrels of beer and employed 2732 people.

Beer has been a part of Montana culture since the birth of the state. Did you know the first brewery in Montana was founded in Virginia City in 1863?


But, you can't just serve beer at your holiday parties. Well, you CAN, but not just beer. The holidays are all about indulging in sweet and savory treats. In my opinion, sweet treats don't pair well with beer. But savory treats do. So, how can we incorporate all three?

It's simple!

All you need is bacon, 1/2 cup brown sugar, and your desired beer, preferably a Montana craft beer and Montana-made Daily's Bacon. Combine all three ingredients and follow the instructional video below to create one of the best holiday treats in Montana.

It's like holiday dog treats for HUMANS. ENJOY!

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