Finding housing in Montana has become a near-impossible task. Some folks are downsizing, moving, or even taking on roommates, but what about thinking more "inside" the box?

No, I'm not talking about a box-style condo or tiny house. I'm talking about an actual box (car) of sorts. Living in this custom train car could be a dream come true.

As it turns out you can refurbish just about anything into a home. Airplanes, grain silos, or even trees are all fair game.

Just outside of Missoula in Bonner, someone has taken a Pullman-Standard 3-compartment rail car that was built in 1925 and completely refurbished it into a home with a Montana feel. According to the Real Estate company that is listing the property, Regent Realty, it has been updated with:

Western-themed interior with oak paneling, this furnished train car has 3 bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and showers as well as a kitchen area, office with desk, and separate quarters off the kitchen. Enter into the spacious Observation Room, then make your way along the hallway past the bedrooms to an equally spacious Dining Room. All rooms feature Western accents including antler light fixtures, custom decorative window shades, cattle brand adorned woodwork, and many other features. -Regent Realty via Zillow

To say that this train car is "one of a kind" is a huge understatement.

You have to see the photos of this unique train property.

As far as price, it's priced reasonably for Western Montana in my opinion. They are asking $249,000 for a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom. The only real downside, is it sitting on tracks, and you will probably want to move it. Don't worry, according to the listing the seller is willing to help relocate the train.



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