Chilling Paranormal Overnights has announced Spring 2023 paranormal investigation opportunities at one of the most haunted places in the Treasure State.

This is a place that I am all too familiar with. No, not because I was locked up as a convict. I have done professional paranormal investigations at this location multiple times. And let me tell you, there is no doubt that this place is a hot spot for paranormal activity. During our many investigations of the prison, we have encountered everything from door slamming and furniture moving to countless disembodied voices and even being touched or scratched. Take the following video for example.

On a separate paranormal investigation, I experienced tables and chairs moving inside cells as well as disembodied whistles in the main cell block. Thankfully, on neither of these investigations was I told I had to stay the night in the prison.

Now it is your turn to investigate the Old Montana State Prison. Chilling Paranormal is offering up a couple of overnight investigations of the prison this April/May 2023.

Thursday, April 27th

or Thursday, May 4th

The paranormal activity in the prison makes it the most haunted location in Montana. If you have ever been interested in doing an overnight investigation, this is your chance. Whether you are a believer of the paranormal or even a skeptic, the Old Montana State Prison will truly open your eyes to the possibility of life after death.

For more info on how you can be part of the Spring investigations, email ChillingOvernights@Gmail.Com

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