If the Mayans are right, and this is the year the world ends, thankfully we’ll have the hottest women of 2012 to stare at while we disappear into oblivion. At least we’ll all die with smiles on our faces.

Even though the year is still young, this list of the hottest women of 2012 is sure to please — from Playboy playmates to women from ‘The Bachelor,’ these ladies are sure to make any man, or Mayan, hope the world goes on until at least bathing suit season.

Without further ado (the classy way of saying “stop yapping let’s see some ladies”) here is a list of the hottest women of 2012.

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Heather Knox- Sweet Mother of Pearl! January’s ‘Playmate of the Month’ started the year off with a bang (or two) and due to some desperate begging and bribery on our part, she actually talked to once and we tried our hardest not to drool.

Twitpic / @MissFortKnox

Ciara PriceNews Flash! Playboy likes blondes! And Miss November 2011 managed to ride that train all the way through to become one of the hottest women of 2012. And we remember her when she was simply our crush of the day. We’re so proud!

Stewart Smith Photography

Courtney Robertson - The bad girl from ‘The Bachelor’ is a sultry little minx who doesn’t apologize for turning her new found fame into a spring board for her new career. As what you say? As one of the hottest women of 2012 and another one of our crushes of the day back in January.


Jessie Shannon – Making Playboy.com a permanent bookmark on laptops across the country, Jessie is quite the looker. Thankfully we have more pictures of her to look at as she was one of our Playboy Girl of the Week.

Photo By Julian Wilde

Lauren Elise – Lauren is a bit of a goofball, which is why we really like her. Her videos on Playboy.com are part playfulness, part glamorous, and almost all nekked…which we really like. Check out when she was our Cyber Girl of the Month.


Briohny Smyth - If you’re not a Yoga fan you will be after you see Briohny in action. Either that or you’ll just be a fan of her videos and Briohny herself. We fell victim as she was our Crush of the Day. Briohny is the only woman on the hottest women of 2012 list that isn’t a professional model, but she sure could be.

Facebook / Yoga with Briohny

Leah FrancisThis sexy Brit has three things going for her (besides being one of the hottest women of 2012). Her quirky accent and well… the two “other” things. But that’s not all, this former Babe of the Day hosts her own webcam show on her official site.

Nuts Magazine

Leola Bell - For the month of February, Playboy had a daunting task in choosing their “Playmate of the Month.” They could either pick Leola Bell or they could get firebombed by our writers. Thankfully they chose wisely.


Rainy Day Jordan – (Insert weather puns HERE.) The name may make you snicker but the pictures will make you happy. Very happy. Rainy wanted to just talk with us, so after we explained that we really didn’t like her in “that way,” she agreed to remain friends and do the interview anyway.


Vanessa Bryant - Meet the only person in the world who can tame the Black Mamba. In fact, because of this fact alone we think she is deserving of an equally fitting nickname. Call our former Crush of the Day the ‘Golden Mongoose.’

Getty Images

Did we miss anyone on our list of the hottest women of 2012? Leave a comment and let us know.

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