I don't remember a day in my childhood when I wasn't around my dog. I spent lots of time playing with him and when we moved, we couldn't take him with us. It was unfortunate, and I wish I could have multiple dogs at my house now. But, what are the laws for having multiple dogs in Montana? As it turns out, Montana itself doesn't have a statewide law, but cities do.

So, What Are The Laws in My City?

Montana cities are pretty lenient on having multiple dogs, provided you follow city ordinances and make sure that every dog you have is registered and has the proper vaccinations. Nearly every city I saw also requires separate permits depending on how many dogs you have, so without those permits, there is a limit to how many dogs you can own.

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Here are the limits and permits you need to obtain to own more beyond that limit in these major Montana cities:

If you have questions regarding your local laws, it's always best to contact your local law enforcement.

Montana is #2 in Dog Ownership in the US

That's right, we love our dogs here in Big Sky Country. According to a study from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), nearly 52% of households in Montana have at least one dog. Only Idaho, at over 58%, ranked higher.

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With Summer in full swing, we're excited to see dog owners taking their furry friends, multiple or otherwise, out for walks and hikes all over Montana.

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