I was recently asked what I wanted for Father's Day. Without hesitating, I immediately spouted out "STEAK." I have always been a carnivore, and like to reserve BIG steaks for special occasions. My only hangup is, I don't think my 7 year old is going to be able to properly cook a steak for daddy. I mean C'MON, I have been praticing the art of properly searing steak for 3 decades. It is a skill for Jedi masters, not Padawans. I would say we could grill it, but something about the open flame seems dangerous. I would like my kid to keep his eyebrows, and the smell of burnt hair is not appetizing.That is why I am taking it upon myself to make this Father's Day meal, a lesson in culinary arts.

It all starts with what cut you want to cook. For me, I am a BIG fan of the Ribeye. But, if Im ballin on a budget, I will gladly take a New York Strip. And Im sure there isnt many Dads that would turn down a T-Bone. Regardless of what you choose, look for steaks that are trimmed on the sides (aka not real thick chunks of fat). Also look for good marbling (white fat spots spread evenly inside the meat.)

Find out how to make a butter poached steak from one of my favorite celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsay.

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