The 2021 Blaze Ghost Hunt is taking place at one of the most haunted locations in Big Sky Country. We have officially gotten access to investigate the infamous Orphanage in Twin Bridges, MT. Just the thought of being able to investigate this location is giving me goosebumps. Known for claims of ghostly children still haunting the grounds. As well as dark entities. This one is truly going to test our bladder control.

We are teaming up with our long-time paranormal partners with Tortured Souls Investigations. Our paranormal team will be one of only three paranormal groups that have been allowed access to the 100-acre property. With the other two groups being popular television paranormal teams. Travel Channels "Ghost Adventures" investigated the property back in 2018. The other is "Destination Fear" which recently investigated the property. The episode is set to premiere on November 6th on Travel Chanel.

TONIGHT is your chance to interact with us LIVE during our investigation.

We will be checking in LIVE on the air with updates on our investigation. If you have questions for our paranormal team, suggestions on where we should investigate, or even questions for the ghosts themselves. All you need to do is message us via the Blaze Mobile App. We will read your questions/comments LIVE on the air during Loudwire Nights.

Simply click the "Message Us" link on the homepage of the app to interact with the investigation.

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We will also be checking in LIVE via the 96.3 The Blaze Facebook page. Allowing you to comment on our investigation.

The following is FB LIVE footage from a prior investigation of the Old Montana State Prison.

DON'T BE SCARED to interact with us. We may just read your comments LIVE on the air, during our investigation. Begining TONIGHT starting at 8:30 PM.

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