It's officially November, and the time of year when we offer our thanks for your loyalty to 96.3 The Blaze by giving away $1,000 twice a day, every weekday this month.

You know the drill. Listen for the "cue to call", this time around, it's a guy with a guitar singing "hey, can I have some money." Every time you hear it, start dialing 877-854-9467 and the 25th nationwide caller wins a thousand bucks. You might put a shortcut to that number on your cell homepage so you can get to it quickly.

We will give you exact times to listen on air, online and on YouTube. Plus, you have a chance to win TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS at The Blaze Rock Mob, which will be given away on the last day of November.

Keep an eye out, and an ear out, and keep your dialing thumb and party arm thoroughly stretched, good luck!

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