What could you do with a thousand bucks? Pay off credit cards, pay bills, have a summer of fun, buy 50 lap dances or maybe 166 sixers of beer??

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No matter how you'd spend it, we want you to win it! You could win $1000 when you hear The Blaze One Grand Band. The band is Limp Bizkit. And we know what you're thinking, 'you couldn't pick a better band?' But we figured Fred Durst would stand out just enough to get your attention when it's time to call. Who ever thought the chocolate starfish guy could wind up making you Captain Moneybags?

We'll play Limp Bizkit at least twice per day, every weekday in May, that's a lot of chances to win your one grand. When you hear it, be caller #25 at 1-877-854-WINS (9467) to win. As easy as Fred Durst deciding whether to wear his hat backward or forward today.

1-877-854-9467, put it in your phone NOW so you're prepared. GOOD LUCK!

We've also got your chance to win $10,000 at The Blaze Rock Mob.

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