A lot of people have been dealt a rough hand when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses being forced to close have left a lot of people unemployed and searching for how to make ends meet. Of course, we think about individuals and how it's affecting them. But, it goes beyond making rent, paying the bills, and having food on the table. It trickles all the way down to pets that need food and supplies.

For a lot of people, pets are as good as family. Actually, plenty of people consider pets to be better than their immediate family. Ha! If you're an animal lover you might be able to relate to how hard it is to see your pets in need and not be able to provide for them in unforeseen circumstances.

With the economic conditions across the state, it's a higher than normal number of those in need of help.The Humane Society of Western Montana is doing their part to help feed the animals of those struggling during these tough times.  They're distributing 22,000 pounds of food to shelters around Montana. The pet food comes from a grant that the humane society applied for and was granted by GreaterGood.

Food has already been distributed to Livingston, Great Falls, Havre, Flathead Valley, Mission Valley, Superior, Plains, St. Ignatius, and Darby. Additional donations will help in Missoula, Livingston, Big Timber, and Gardiner.

A story from KPAX, as you can guess, describes how grateful people are to receive the donations. It's great stories like this during these rough times that continue to show us the reasons to smile in the face of uncertainty.

Visit the Humane Society of Western Montana HERE or on Facebook HERE.

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