In the continued tradition of hunters providing for the community, the Montana Food Bank Network invites you to donate any meat that you can not use this hunting season.

Hunters who legally harvest big game during the hunting season can donate all or part of their meat to feed hungry Montanans. There will be no cost or processing fees for the donated meat!  Only legally harvested or confiscated big game animals can be donated (deer, elk, antelope, moose and wild bison).

Don't be weird, no roadkill please.

If you're interested in donating, just deliver the big game to the nearest participating meat processor, listed here. The ground venison will then be distributed to Montanans in need through Montana Food Bank Network’s partner agencies.

There's no cost or processing fee to donate meat, thanks to the kindness of Hunters Against Hunger processors and those who opted to donate $1 when purchasing a Montana hunting license.

There's also an option to keep part of your harvest and donating a portion, learn more here.

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