So far this season I have seen more trucks than a car dealership and more orange than a Cheetos convention, but can count on one hand how many big game animals I have seen. It seems that everyone is out trying to bag a beast this fall in Montana. Even with the COVID pandemic, it seems that "the middle of nowhere" is the most popular place to be. I'm not kidding! I have pulled up to parking areas near a local block management property and it looked like the car lot at Karl Tyler Chevrolet. I guess you could consider getting out and enjoying the great outdoors a fine way to socially distance, but it is getting to the point where we have to put up traffic lights on the forest service roads.

Now, there is one remedy to this problem. To get as far away from the roads as you can. Put in the time and the miles and you will soon find yourself in less human populated hunting grounds. But, even in those circumstances, dont be surprised if your binoculars are filled with orange dots scattered all over the hillside. I went on a trip deep into the Bob Marchall Wilderness once, just to get away from all the "road hunters." I still managed to find a pack of idiots, emptying their rifles on a doe deer nearby where I was sitting.

To be honest, my season has not been a lot different than the poor Pennsylvania hunter in the following clip. How would you feel if another person purposely tried to sabotage your hunt? Imagine getting to our hunting spot and all you see is a sea of orange. Looks like hunting around MT is not much different than the hunting in PA.

Successful Montana Elk Hunts


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