Swedish metallers In Flames are enjoying life on the road, and even though they’ve started thinking about a new record, it’s likely that nothing will happen until the touring support for the ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading’ disc starts to wane.


Pure Grain Audio (Via Blabbermouth) spoke with In Flames singer Anders Friden, who explained, “We’ll probably continue touring for whole next year, and then we’re gonna think about what we’re gonna do. I mean, we already have some stuff in our heads, but the actual writing process is something that we do when we get off the road. We need to focus on that. The thing is that you have so much [free] time, really, when you’re on the road, but we can’t focus. I don’t know what it is with us. There’s so many distractions around you. I’d rather go out and have good food and good beer than sit by a computer and record.”

Friden added that he does keep a Pro Tool rig with him where he can write and mess around, but it’s more for fun and distraction at this point rather than ironing out any concrete new material.

The singer said that even though the music world is changing at a rapid pace, he still believes in the full-length album format, and will continue to record in that manner. He explains, “It’s actually more important than ever, when it’s so easy to just release singles and small snippets of music and it’s out there. I think it’s important to still have that feeling [of a fully-conceived album].”

In Flames will have some time to start thinking about their next disc, as they have a one-off appearance in Austria Sept. 1 at Wiesen’s Two Days a Week Festival, with no further shows booked until 2013.

Watch In Flames’ Anders Friden Discussing Their Future Plans

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