I found out Wednesday night that I would be joining Walking Corpse Syndrome on their trip to Jackson Hole and see them open for Soulfly. After the initial excitement passed, I remembered I usually have to work Thursday and Friday. I decided to play a little hooky and checked in while I was on the road. It was totally worth it!


After about a 7.5 hour drive of random music and even more random conversation topics, we finally arrived in Jackson, Wyoming.  With only a few hours till go time, we found a hotel, rushed too the venue, and hauled gear up a wonderful three flights of stairs.  This being WCS's first time at the Pink Garter, none of us knew what to expect and rumor had it that this was the first REAL metal show in Jackson.  This became apparent to me after I failed to find PBR, Fireball, or Jager at their bar.

When WCS first took the stage, there was a handful of people present, some sitting in the back and a few standing in front of the stage. I left for less than ten minutes and by the time I came back, the place was crowded and everyone was up and rocking out to The Corpse. They killed it! If anyone was on the fence about WCS before, the twin drum solo definitely brought it home.Soulfly was awesome! I had been waiting to see them for awhile now, and I'm a huge Marc Rizzo fan. I got right up next to the stage and in front of Rizzo for most of their set. Man, that guy can shred!!!

We stayed at the strangest Motel 6 I had ever seen! It looked like a cross between a hostel and a 1970's "modern" living space. We got an early start the next day and tried to take it slow over some icy roads. Too bad our luck ended coming out of Wyoming. I looked up as soon as I heard Matt repeat "Oh, f***!" about 5 times and saw that the road had turned into a asphalt and ice slip and slide. We spun a full three sixty as we pinged off the guard rail and finally stopped facing the right direction in a snowbank.  Thankfully there was minimal damage to the car the guys call "The Scurge" and a slightly more serious dent in the trailer.  All in all a great time, I would definitely do it again!

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