This summer, Billings will host both the starting point and the finish line for a motorcycle endurance ride that will test the limits of many riders. The 1,003 mile ride departs from Billings on June 19th and participants will have 24 hours to complete the loop. The Ride for Tomorrow also supports a fantastic cause. More on that below.

Credit: Dog Tag Buddies

The marathon Montana ride qualifies for official Iron Butt recognition, sanctioned by the Iron Butt Association, a motorcycle enthusiast organization that promotes safe, long-distance motorcycle riding. Not all bike riders are cut out for 1,000 mile rides. Lots of guys I know consider a trip to Red Lodge a "long day on the road." Other guys (and gals) may also consider bar-hopping around town on Bike Nights a long day in the saddle. Some riders I know will humble-brag about putting on 100's of miles per day, with little complaint. Most riders will agree that 1,000 miles in 24 hours on a motorcycle is a challenge.

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My longest single-day ride was from Billings to Sturgis. Stopping for fuel, lunch, pictures, cigarettes and beverages turned that relatively short, 288 mile ride into an exhausting, eight hour day. The Ride for Tomorrow is nearly four times the distance. Check out the route.

Credit: Dog Tag Buddies / Google Maps

As you can see, Google says this route takes over 16 hours in a car. From experience, I would add at least a couple hours to that figure on a motorcycle, thanks to much smaller fuel tanks and fatigue. If you're up for the challenge, you can pre-register for the ride HERE.

Credit: Dog Tag Buddies

The ride is a collaboration between Dog Tag Buddies, a 501(c)3 based in Billings, with American Legion Riders Chapter 4 and Tenacious Dames Riding Club. All funds raised from the ride help fight suicide in Montana. Organizers say,

These rides not only add miles to the odometer, but miles to the conversation of suicide in Montana. Funds raised for this event will support future Question, Persuade and Refer (QPR) presentations around the state to help Montanans recognize the warning signs of suicide, know how to offer hope to someone in crisis, and know how to effectively get help.

Other fun activities are planned in Billings for the event and significantly shorter "Summer Solstice Rides" are also an option if 1,000 miles on a bike in one day isn't your idea of fun. Find more details HERE.

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