I am a full on "foodie." I enjoy traveling and checking out different places to eat. On my list of places I want to eat, Alice Cooper's "Cooperstown" in Arizona. Why? Because it is a rock star's restaurant. It is a trend that you may see happen a lot with aging rock entrepreneurs. A rumor has surfaced on the internet, which is interesting but also sets off some serious red flags and reeks of bulls#!t. That rumor is that Rob Zombie is looking to open a chain of Chinese restaurants, and he is looking to Montana as the location of one of them.

You can now add restaurateur to the list of the many accomplishments in the career of former White Zombie vocalist and director Rob Zombie.  In 2015, Zombie plans on opening ten heavy metal themed eateries in major markets including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Billings, Montana.

These upscale, casual restaurants will be known as “More Hunan Than Hunan” and offer the best in Chinese cooking.


As intriguing as this may be, the first red flag went off when the article referred to Billings as a "major market." Then when you read on further, it becomes blatantly obvious that this is a joke.

Zombie, known more recently for his reputation for creating violent, gore filled films, is actually an ethical vegetarian and has been since 1982.  Because of this, he plans to offer a strict vegetarian menu using an assortment of creatively hidden mock meats.  However, one out of every thousand customers will be slaughtered by an angry group of redneck clowns in order to amuse the other patrons.