It is the time of year when everybody seems to be fascinated by ghosts and things that "go bump in the night." For me, it is Halloween ALL YEAR LONG. I have been part of a paranormal investigation team (Tortured Souls Investigations), and on various paranormal investigations over the past 15 years. Everything from haunted cemeteries, to ghost towns and even private residences. When curious people ask me about my experiences, I usually break their hearts for a short time, as I tell them about how ridiculous it feels to sit in a dark room and talk to yourself. But, I usually follow that up with some of the creepiest evidence I have gathered. After that, even the skeptics start to question their stance on the paranormal.

We recently held our annual paranormal investigation at an undisclosed location in western Montana. We choose NOT to share the location of the haunting out of respect for the privacy of the current owners. Our goal is to collect evidence of paranormal activity, and NOT turn the place into a haunted destination.

In our recent investigation, the Tortured Souls Investigations team did find some things that we are not able to explain.

I have always been fascinated by EVPs or electronic voice phenomena. It is simply capturing the voice of a spirit or entity on a recording device. Using a gadget we call a spirit box, makes it easier to hear these voices in real time. A spirit box does quick split-second sweeps of the entire spectrum of radio frequencies. Meaning every time to hear an electronic "kssh" sound, the spirit box did an entire sweep of radio frequencies from 88.1 to 107.9. This makes it impossible for any radio noises to slip through. Yet we can hear intelligent responses to questions over multiple sweeps. Sometimes even entire sentences.

During our recent investigation, we discovered some unexplained voices that came through the spirit box. Listen to the following and see if you can make out what the spirit is trying to tell us.

What did you hear? Was it a disembodied voice? What do the phrases mean? It is up to you to decide if you can consider this paranormal evidence.

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