We all remember our trips to the library. Not to age myself too much, I vividly remember how fascinated I was with the microfiche readers. Scanning through roll after roll of what seemed to be ancient newspaper articles. All stuffed onto that tiny little piece of film. I remember the special rooms where volunteers would read to kids using puppets. I remember finally figuring out how to properly use the Dewey decimal system. But, I don't recall any live rock music.

Years from now, kids are going to reminisce about the time they went to the public library for a metal concert.

The Missoula Public Library will soon be hosting a live concert as part of its 2023 Summer Learning Program.

FREE SHOW! Donations appreciated! All for a GREAT cause!

According to the Missoula Public Library website

The Summer Learning Program is part of MPL’s mission to promote children’s literacy, help prevent the “summer slide” in reading skills, and provide lifelong learning opportunities for readers of all ages.


Summer rocks hard, and so do libraries! This all-ages music fest features local metal bands, Walking Corpse Syndrome, Damnthebadluck, and Elephant Graveyard. The show is free, but donations are gratefully accepted, and will benefit the Free Verse Project, a local non-profit that supports youth incarcerated in Montana through humanities-based educational programming.

This shows promises to not only be loud and hardcore. But, it will be the first time that I can think of where staying quiet and not being "shushed" will happen to me in a library. Let's just hope the librarians know how to do a proper "circle pit." And don't forget to bring the reading puppets.

Doors open at 6:30 pm and the show starts at 7 pm.


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