Yelling at your kids during a game is the right of every parent. I mean that in the "nicest" way possible. A little tough love can be good for them. I mean, just look how I turned out. Wait... Disregard that.

Bozeman Montana has gone through some changes in the last few years. And the latest is "Silent Saturday" during the youth soccer tournament going on this weekend.

All jokes aside, this is pretty cool. This story has been making the rounds on social media. This Saturday, the Montana Surf Soccer Club is hosting 70 youth games in Bozeman with teams traveling in from all over the state, and they are taking it pretty seriously. I think everyone can agree they want the kids to have the best, most positive experience possible to learn and grow, and sometimes that's pretty hard when you have some "overzealous" parents. You know the ones. The parents yell and scream at the coaches, referees, and even the kids. Well this Saturday, that will get you ejected from the field. The Surf Soccer Club sent out a letter to parents asking them to take a back seat. The meat of the letter says:

  • No talking/yelling/conversations on the sidelines
  • No talking to referees unless it's to thank them
  • No cheering until the game is over

This decision is of course backed by the Montana Soccer Referee Committee.

They will even have field marshals on hand to run security in case anyone breaks any of those rules, but they are asking parents to please not cause an awkward situation and make them enforce the rules, or eject someone.

Honestly, I think this is great. This, hopefully, takes a lot of pressure off of the kids and they can just have fun. I remember a few parents growing up that made sports hard for some kids and coaches. Please for the love of Montana youth sports, don't be that person this Saturday in Bozeman.

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